Keepin it πŸ’―

Keepin it πŸ’―
March 7, 2018 Parth Shah
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At The Moja Club, we believe that hard work will take you places. Whether it’s a math exam or a cricket match, the number 100Β isΒ theΒ target to achieve.

So, what else do we do on a boring Monday afternoon after a long weekend? We design socks that frequent our WhatsApp chats and our conversations.

“Yes, 100% I’ll be in office in 5 minutes.”- Our interns

These socks are the pure embodiment of our work culture here at The Moja Club and we designed them for our patrons who keep it πŸ’―, a hundred percent of the time. We do hope you flaunt them at every occasion possible.

PS: You can get these socks here πŸ˜‰